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Who Won the Highest Money on a Football Betting Site in the USA?

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Football Field

Who are those lucky individuals that just happen to have had the best betting odds and received the grand prize from online gambling? Were they professional sports bettors or was it just beginner’s luck? We all know the feeling when you visit a sports betting websites, meticulously follow sports events you bet on, and pray to Lady Luck to strike you just this once. Well, we are here to disclose the names of the ten lucky individuals who actually took the risk of betting online and won some serious cash. (more…)

Which Is the Best Online Slot Game?

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Slots online

Online slots are immensely popular. There’s a good reason for this. For one, they’re convenient to play, since you needn’t leave the comfort of your home. Secondly, most online games have a significantly higher RTP (Return To Player) than land-based casinos. That means that, on average, players get more out of playing online games. These factors made virtual slots very sought after and numerous. (more…)

What Is Pineapple Poker?

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Pineapple PokerIf you’ve been following the card game scene for a while, odds are you’ve heard of a game called Pineapple poker. And if you haven’t, you shouldn’t blame yourself all that much. It’s a well-loved home game, but it rarely sees any kind of casino exposure. Therefore, there isn’t exactly an overabundance of exposure for this variant of poker. Nevertheless, it should be talked about, especially given its rising prominence. So what is Pineapple poker? (more…)

How to Know If a Betting Site Is Legal in the USA

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In May 2018, the Supreme Court struck down the PASPA. It is a federal law that banned single-game wagering. Now, each state is more than free to make its own laws and decisions regarding online sportsbooks. Unless, of course, Congress decides to pass new legislation. However, at this moment, it seems highly unlikely. But it is not impossible, so you should seize this new opportunity.


How to Make Real Money Online by Slot Machines

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To some casino enthusiasts, the idea of employing a strategy while playing online slots for real money in the USA is far-fetched, and rightfully so. They realize immediately that they can’t beat the system in place. Common sense suggests that this would be an uphill battle, so they just decide to have fun while playing. For the time being, they abandon any thought they had about adopting a strategy. And perhaps this would be the best approach to casino games. You just start playing without worrying about your next step. (more…)