Which Is the Best Online Slot Game?

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Online slots are immensely popular. There’s a good reason for this. For one, they’re convenient to play, since you needn’t leave the comfort of your home. Secondly, most online games have a significantly higher RTP (Return To Player) than land-based casinos. That means that, on average, players get more out of playing online games. These factors made virtual slots very sought after and numerous.

Gamblers often ask what the best online slot game is. The thing is, that question doesn’t really have an answer. Most games play differently, so comparing them isn’t exactly fair. There are so many options that pointing to a single game would do an injustice to so many others. It’s smarter to ask, “what are the best online slot games?”. To be sure, there are quite a few, but let’s narrow it down to a select few.

Seeing that there are so many popular online slots, many gamblers experience a bit of choice paralysis. If you’re also coming down with this sickness, we’ve got the cure. This article will give you a rundown of the best online slots.

Asgard (RTG)

Asgard (RTG)

Realtime Gaming blessed us with Asgard, a wonderful online slot machine. Its presentation is truly top-notch, and you’ll come across runes and mighty gods alike. It’s also mobile friendly, so you can play it on the go. There’s also the free gaming option if you’re just in it for the fun of it. Graphics aside, the game offers enough variety to spice up the traditional formula.


Asgard is a 5 by 3 reel with paylines that pay all-ways. It’s got 243 ways to win, and its RTP is a little over 96%, which is pretty high. The betting ranges from 0.30 a spin to 30.000. Your 243 all ways to win payouts are multiplied by the all ways bet, meaning that a bet of 1.00 can yield anything between 0.10 and 16.70. The non-progressive jackpot offers 6000 coins. Should a Golden Wild make an appearance, your win lines can double your winnings. There’s also a feature called Thunderbolt, which triggers at random. If it does, golden Wilds will pop up across the reel.

What really makes Asgard special is a slew of special features which arrive after a certain amount of Scatters. 3 Scatters activate the Goddess, which will give you free 15 spins. All these spins can triple your winnings. 5 of these slots bonuses summon Loki’s Magic, with Wilds all over the reel and 20 spins for free. A further five bonuses coax the Thunder God, providing you with 25 free spins and Wild multiplying. Fifteen procs will activate Odin’s Valhalla, rewarding you with 30 free spins and a special morphing symbol and progressively increasing multiplier.

Overall, Realtime Gaming’s Asgard is a terrific slot with great features to keep you glued to your screen. It’s a very popular game for this exact reason. Face the gods and claim the bounty they hold! Just check if you can play it with real money since you can’t play that way in all regions.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour, developed by IGT, takes inspiration from the beloved American game show. Spin the wheel and spin the reel, because there’s much to win and even more to see. The Wheel, Hollywood, New York, the White House, Mount Rushmore, and others make an appearance as the reel symbols. It has a pretty energetic presentation, lively rock music and all.


WoF is a 5 reel game with 30 paylines that you can play on desktop. The game’s return to player is pretty good, sitting cozily between 92.5 and 96.6 percent. You can wager anything between £50 and £500 on each spin. It has quite an interesting mechanic called Level Up Plus, which opens up more features the longer you play.

While playing, you’ll notice a gas meter on your screen’s bottom left side. This indicates your level. Every time a Winnebago bus symbol comes up on the reel, the meter fills a bit. 10 of these fill the meter to the brim, granting you a level. But 3 buses on the first, third, and fifth reel move you a spot forward on the On Tour map. Then you may spin the Wheel for massive bonuses.

As you progress on the map, you unlock more and more powerful features. These features are quite diverse and gift you free spins, multipliers, Spin to Win, and some mysterious features, to boot. Suffice it to say that there’s a lot of ground to cover in this game.

Wheel of Fortune: On Tour is an amazing online gambling game. Much like the game show is a favorite pastime for many, it’s the slot player’s darling. Make sure you give this awesome slot a spin!


Jumanji Slots

NetEnt has done it again. These prolific online slot developers are well-known for creating slots after famous movies and TV shows. It’s also a fact that NetEnt does its very best to ramp up the production value of their games. Jumanji is no exception to this rule. The game looks and sounds awesome, drawing heavily from both the picture book and the movie. Thus, crocodiles, pelicans, rhinos, lions, and even the titular board game roam the reels as valuable symbols.


You can play Jumanji on every device, so odds are you won’t feel left out. The game is on 5 reels but has an intriguing twist. Its central reel contains 5 symbols, the ones next to it 4, and the ones on the edges only 3. It has 36 paylines. The wagering requirements range from €0.10 to €100, and you can place a minimum of 0.01 credits and a maximum of 100 credits every spin. RTP is 96.33%, which is very nice. You’ll find the J, Q, K, and A symbols and Wilds replace all symbols barring the Scatter.

Four randomly activated features can shake up your game. Sticky Vines allows you to respin the reel. Any winning combination and Wild stays on the screen during these respins. Monsoon Wilds completely covers one of your reels in Wilds. If it covers the fifth reel, another one will also be covered. Monkey Mayhem sends monkeys to rearrange your reel to guarantee a winning combo. Finally, Wild Stampede will emerge as the reel spins, littering the screen with 4 to 9 Wilds.

Should you see 3 Scatters at once, you’re in for a treat. Then you’ll see yourself transported onto the Jumanji board. After you pick one of 4 tokens, you need to roll dice to traverse the map. You’ll have free spin bonuses, Mystery bonuses, cash prizes and extra dice rolls to keep you safe from the perils of the game.

This feature makes Jumanji a true standout in the online slots world. The game is thrilling beyond description, especially due to the graphical flair. A must-try for any slots fan looking for something different.

Monopoly: Money in Hand

Monopoly: Money in Hand

This game took the board game Monopoly and applied it to the virtual slots matrix. Barcrest, the game’s developer, has already created Monopoly-inspired slots in the past. This one, however, presents a cumulation of everything they’ve learned from previous such releases. MiH puts you in the seat of a mighty tycoon. And you feel that way the moment you see the game’s graphics. The visuals glow with power and sophistication, with all the regal colors you can imagine.


You play this slot on 5 reels, and it has 10 lines of payment, which isn’t all that much. However, it sports an excellent RTP of 97.75%. The stakes can be between $0.10 and $500. Alternatively, you can go for Big Bet Spins and bet with a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $50. The tradeoff is that you get additional spins and some nifty features.

The Go symbol stands for the Scatter, but will also serve to grant you free spins. You can actually get 10, 15, or 20 free spins, depending on how many Go signs show up on the screen. The legendary Mr. Monopoly takes up the role of the Wild. It multiplies your winnings and is also the key to unlocking the jackpot of $125.000. The Big Bets give you 5 spins and you get a lot of Scatters at first, and you can later use these Scatters as Wilds. The Red Hot Respin provides you with a chance to get more Scatters. The respin happens once two Scatters appear during the final spin.

Monopoly: MiH is a Barcrest classic, as it has all the trappings of one of their games. They have an admirable record, so those are no small words. It accurately transfers the spirit of the board game into the virtual slot format. Give this slot a go, especially if you’re fond of Monopoly!

Fish Catch

We’ll cap off the list with a bit of an oddball. Realtime Gaming’s Fish Catch really stretched the definition of slots, to the point where regions are still in dispute over whether it’s actually a slots game at all. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome title that’s well worth talking about.

The graphics look lovely. Oceanic colors and finely modeled and animated sea creatures make for a very comfy atmosphere. Everything looks very crisp, and even though there’s a lot of movement on the screen, you’ll hardly ever feel lost. But the graphics weren’t what left gamblers scratching their heads.


The main point of contention here is the gameplay. Fish Catch has no reels, no win combos, and no lines. Weird, isn’t it? Instead, you have a selection of weapons and a whole lot of fish to shoot. The phrase “like shooting fish in a barrel” quickly comes to mind. You can play the game on both PC and mobile, and up to 4 players can participate. You can cash in as much as 1000 times your stake if you’ve got the skill and luck.

The fish are this game’s symbols. You’ll get the chance to bag swordfish, squids, sharks, and even an occasional mermaid. All of them are worth different amounts of coins. You have 5 guns of varying effectiveness. The stronger guns need higher stakes, and they have bonuses such as multiply. How you use these weapons is up to you. The aforementioned mermaid, if caught, grants you a shot at the Roulette wheel for more serious money. Mermaids are the ones you need to be on the lookout for, as they are the most profitable.


Hopefully, this list helped you decide which online slots to play. These are just a few of many excellent titles, but you can be sure that you’ll have a blast with each one. As always, make sure that the casinos that offer these games are of good standing. Get at it and good luck!

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