How to Play Draw Poker with 2 People

to Play Draw Poker

You want to kill time playing poker, but you don’t want loud crowd invading your home for a poker night, and you’re bored by online poker. This text will show you how to play poker when there are only two of you and make the best of it.

Two Players Draw Poker   

Poker is a pretty wide term that covers a vast variety of card games that originated from the basic poker or straight poker. While the ultimate number of players in a draw poker game is 5 to 6, you generally need only one player who is up for it to start the game.

Rules of draw poker don’t depend on the number of players involved in a game, but the way you place your bets. In a draw poker game with only two players, it is fairly easy to agree upon the betting option they are going to use in their game.

Betting Adjustments

Supposing you would play two-player draw poker to kill time with your friend, the stakes should be small. In these home games played just for fun, the most common thing would be to place a symbolic ante before the game starts.

If you want to make your game more similar to a casino poker game and you decide to pay the blinds, there are some adjustments you need to make so that this kind of betting can work. Blind bets are most common in stud or community cards poker variants, like a Seven Card Stud or a Texas Hold’em game where it makes much more sense because more people participate in it.

If you decide to have a two-player poker with blinds, the player dealing the hand will always act as a small blind. This rule means that the button will always have to place the small blind bet to start the game, but they will have to wait for the other player to bet first later in the game. The other player, in this case, will place the big blind bet.

The Game Stays the Same


Since the number of players doesn’t affect the gameplay, each player is dealt five cards face- down and can make the opening bet. After the other player has done the same, you will be able to put away up to three unwanted cards and to get new ones from the deck. When the drawing round ends, you can start betting again. You follow the same poker rules as in any other form of poker, meaning you can raise your bet if you think you’re winning, call your rival’s bet, or quit and fold. If you both decide to stay in the game, the final round of showing your hands follows.

The hand rankings are standard, meaning that a high card is the worst hand you can have, but it is rare in draw poker since you have the chance to get fresh cards and make a better combination. A royal flush is a high hand which is every poker player’s dream come true. The highest hand wins the pot.

As you can see, two players can involve themselves in a draw poker game, but this game wouldn’t be nearly as exciting and intense as when there are more players in it.

Strip Poker for Two

However, there is a draw poker game where three would certainly be a crowd, and that is strip poker. You can use the simple 5 Card Draw Poker to spice up the romantic evening with your favorite person.

The rules of the game stay the same, only the “pot” changes. The player with a weaker hand doesn’t lose money; they lose a piece of clothes instead. The aim of a strip poker game is to leave someone stark naked and to enjoy the final outcome, of course. All you have to do is keep the lights low and the music smooth.

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So we showed you the way to have a whale of a time playing a poker game in two. The only thing left for you to do is to try it out ASAP.

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