Who Won the Highest Money on a Football Betting Site in the USA?

Football Field

Who are those lucky individuals that just happen to have had the best betting odds and received the grand prize from online gambling? Were they professional sports bettors or was it just beginner’s luck? We all know the feeling when you visit a sports betting websites, meticulously follow sports events you bet on, and pray to Lady Luck to strike you just this once. Well, we are here to disclose the names of the ten lucky individuals who actually took the risk of betting online and won some serious cash.

Did you know that there are actually some similarities between playing sports and betting on different types of sports? In both cases, even though luck is essential, if you want to make some serious money and do it consistently, you need a particular set of skills. And just like in different types of sports, there are distinctive types of bets. And even though luck represents a significant factor, most bettors achieve their success thanks to risk assessments and careful analyses. We will provide a list of the most successful sports bettors and their winnings.

$14 Million Thanks to 2017 LA Dodgers and Houston Astros

Betting options are always challenging when it comes to the American sports world. But one punter, in particular, took a leap of faith. The aftermath — this sports bettor is now $14 million wealthier. He placed a prop bet during the 2017 World Series. This one was the match between Houston Astros and LA Dodgers.

 2017 LA Dodgers and Houston Astros

In a moment of craze, the punter allowed the sports fever to take him not just for the following game, but for up to six games instead. Cray-cray, many would say, but this time, his series of accumulated bets matched up and brought him a huge prize. His name was never publicly disclosed, for all the obvious reasons.

However, rumor has it that this man was younger than 30 at the time he got lucky. People also stated that he was from Eastern Europe and that he spread his bets all across a Las Vegas sports betting site. Despite many speculations that he wanted to let it ride one more game, this young man made the decision to stop. He walked away with incredible winnings on November 1, 2017. We hope he put the money into good use and started a new, improved life. Well done!

£2-Bet Brought £1.45 Million to a Horse Racing Punter

Almost a decade ago, in 2011, to be precise, came the world’s highest accumulator win. A plumbing engineer from the U.K., Steve Whitley, was the lucky individual who managed to become the proud owner of £1.45 million after deposing a small £2-bet. This Tawton resident succeeded in selecting six winners on the Exter Tote Jackpot.

Yorkshire Sixty-Year-Old Man Won £1 Million From Horse Racing

The next lucky winner is one from movie scenarios. Namely, an elderly gentleman who happened to be a fertilizer salesman from Yorkshire, Mr. Fred Craggs, invested only fifty pennies and received £1 million. How lucky is that? Almost no risk at all…

Horse Racing

Craggs managed to score eight wins with William Hill. His wild guesses on the winning horse brought him money and worldwide admiration. Bizarrely enough, this man wasn’t even aware of his new millionaire status. It wasn’t until he met his bookmaker to place a new bet that the whole situation was cleared up for him.

Another Horse Racing Lucky Hit

Once again, a winner who wanted to stay off the radar and enjoy his money in anonymity scored an £823,000-win from a £19 accumulator bet. Even though the odds were pretty high, this punter was fortunate enough to have had the more substantial bet stake, which eventually allowed him to score high. This lucky Leicestershire resident actually guessed five horse racing winners. To this day, this is a win which remains the biggest ever paid out by Coral, one of the oldest bookmakers in the U.K.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve previously stated, there must be numerous factors aligned in order for an individual to be fortunate enough to actually win anything. You need to be extremely lucky, to have some experience, and to invest some hard work into this whole thing. But if you are passionate about online sportsbooks, gambling sites, and the entire concept of games of fortune, the winnings will follow eventually. OK, to be completely honest, it’s highly unlikely to become a millionaire — the chances for that are the same as being struck by lightning. But you never know; it’s the thing that makes us love these actions so much.

So be smart when you make deposits and withdraw your money — at least try your hardest not to risk too much. Think of sports betting as a fun hobby, rather than just pure economic reliability. Because you cannot rely on luck and skills to be at the exact same place at the same time, can you?

The lucky few we named in this article were very fortunate, but they are famous for that one strike. Can you imagine how many others are there who didn’t allow their names to be out in the press? Many. There are also many individuals who tend to make a career out of their excellent skills and natural talents when it comes to the online sports betting business.

If you like these activities very much, relax and enjoy them. Occasionally place a bet, and do not expect anything grand from it. This way, you will avoid the bitter taste of disappointment if you lose. On the other hand, if you win, you will feel twice as happy about the money you have just won, and that is the best freaking feeling in the whole world, isn’t it?

Al in all, stay well-informed about the major leagues — keep track of every victory and every loss of the team you are cheering for. With this in mind, we wish you all the luck in the world, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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