What Is in Cards for Virtual Reality Gambling in 2019

Cards for Virtual Reality Gambling

Virtual Reality casinos are the hottest novelty on the gambling scene at the moment because of the genuine gambling experience they offer to players. Let’s see what VR gambling is and what its future holds.

The Irresistible Appeal of VR Gambling

Could you have imagined 20 years ago, even in your wildest dreams, that the only thing you would need to enjoy the real life casino experience at home was a couple of gadgets and you’d be ready to go?

Of course not, but the virtual gambling scene has made giant steps forward since the first online casino offered its services to gamblers in 1996.

Even though the gambling revolution started 23 years ago, technology has made such a powerful impact on the gambling scene that now gamblers can choose how they want to gamble and the device they want to gamble on.

How the Whole Thing Started

Mobile gaming has become a part of the standard offer of many online gambling sites recently, making it possible for players to carry the casino in their pocket and gamble wherever they are.

Making gambling available on different mobile platforms proved that only sky is the limit when virtual gambling is in question. Thus, many companies started thinking about developing virtual reality casinos. And while VR technology was a well-known and gladly accepted concept in online gaming thanks to outstanding VR gaming consoles such as the Oculus Rift, or HTC Vive that saw the light of day in 2016.

It was a matter of time when virtual reality would become the next big thing in the online gambling world and offer an unprecedented gaming experience to users. The turning point in the popularization of virtual reality gambling was the opening of the first Oculus Rift VR casino — Slots Million Oculus Casino that offered a selection of VR slots to their customers. If you are into gambling with a VR headset you will find generous bonuses to help you enjoy the incredibly genuine experience virtual reality casino provides.

But before we dedicate more time to one of the best virtual reality casinos, let’s see what amazing advantages you will get if you opt for gambling in one of them.

Good Things VR Gambling Brings

VR Gambling
  1. You will definitely have a feeling that you’ve just walked into the real-life casino lobby, and now you have to decide what game you will play. The best virtual reality online gambling sites will also offer the option of live chat so that you can communicate with your rivals during the game. In some cases, you will be able to talk to dealers too. This great feature adds up to the unbelievable VR experience of gambling.
  2. Even though the choice of casino games that virtual casinos offer boils down to Slots, Roulette, and Blackjack, this offer seems to be expanding in time as the demand for various casino games grows. This limited offer shouldn’t deter you from playing virtual reality games since the developers truly went one step further in designing VR casino games. These games have an authentic feel that will offer the best of both real and virtual world to players.
  3. Slots were the logical first choice to offer to virtual reality lovers since they are the top choice of most casino visitors. VR slots keep all the amazing features you will find in a regular slot game. The amazing experience of jumping right into the slot and becoming a living character of the story is an incredible experience VR slots can offer.

If you choose to put some money at the VR Blackjack table, you will get the genuine feel of holding your cards or flipping the chips. When you feel you have had enough of VR Blackjack, you can easily move to the VR Roulette table and jump straight into the middle of the game.

The Other Side of This Coin

  1. The whole VR gaming experience can provide so much fun and excitement that players or gamblers may easily lose track of time and stay in this virtual world longer than they initially planned to.

Spending too much time on a VR casino gambling trip can seriously harm your bankroll and leave you high and dry.

  1. Some people are delighted by the fact that virtual reality gaming gives you an opportunity to get completely lost in some imaginary world that hides so much excitement. People that use VR gambling to escape from reality can easily become addicted without even noticing this. As you can see, playing virtual reality games can be as challenging as it can be entertaining, so you have to keep your cool and make yourself take your VR headset off after some time.
  2. Now that we’ve mentioned a part of the necessary VR equipment, let’s address another issue. To be honest, many people cannot afford the amazing virtual gambling experience because it requires expensive equipment. First of all, there is a standalone headset, then you will need a controller that will enable you to move and do different things. Last but not least, you will need a powerful computer with an outstanding graphic card to support the entire action.

Despite all the challenges listed above, we believe that the fresh virtual reality gambling scene will definitely find ways to overcome them in time. If they manage to provide cheaper equipment and expand the range of casino games offered, virtual reality casinos will become a huge gambling market in the future.

Slots Million Virtual Reality Casino

Slots Million Casino was the pioneer in offering virtual reality gambling as a playing option to their customers. They opted for Oculus Rift to support the virtual gambling option, so you need to get yourself the necessary equipment to enjoy the ultimate gambling adventure this online VR casino has to offer.

Once you’re all set, you will enter the casino lobby that will leave you breathless because of how genuine it looks. When you recover from this astonishing first impression, you can continue your tour and find yourself surrounded by a plethora of different, shiny slot machines that simply look irresistible. We recommend Starburst, a NetEnt slot game which is definitely a superstar slot machine here. Once you get comfortable in front of the screen, you will be able to feel all your moves, and if you’re lucky enough to hit the winning combo, the precious stones from the game will burst out of the machine to celebrate your success.

If you want to take a break, you can lay back on one of the numerous sofas that are at your disposal, or you can go back to the lobby and hang out at the bar.

If you’re at the edge of your seat, and you are eager to enter the virtual gambling world, but you don’t have the required equipment, don’t despair — Slots Million VR casino offers VR games you can play without the VR set.

Even though Slots Million Casino relies on Oculus Rift VR gear, some of the players found the way to use Playstation VR equipment as well as HTC Vive Pro.

The Future of VR Gambling Seems Bright

VR Gambling Seems Bright

All things considered, people from both the gambling and the VR world expect the VR gambling scene to become highly profitable by 2021. Despite the fact that the expensive equipment deters many people from trying it, it is believed that the VR gambling scene will become the next favorite playground for high rollers.

High rollers usually like to take a shot at new things, and they definitely can afford various gadgets they need to enjoy virtual reality gambling. So the predicted profit virtual gambling will bring by 2021 is an amazing sum of $520 million in bets.

The growth of the virtual gambling scene will cause a big bang on the VR equipment market that is expected to make an amazing $50 billion by 2021 from selling basic VR headsets and headphones accompanied by an array of appealing accessories.

Another good sign for the expansion of VR gambling is that more and more land-based casinos, as well as online gambling sites, have started to recognize the appeal that VR gaming has for millennials, and they make serious efforts to attract them. One of the successful ways to do this is by offering VR gambling tournaments where players can gamble for real money.

To Sum It Up

We are thrilled to see that virtual reality technology has made such a powerful entrance on the existing gambling scene. Furthermore, the predictions for the future are quite bright, and if they come true in, that will be a huge step forward for the entire gambling community.

Although there are some obstacles that virtual reality casinos have to overcome in time, there is no doubt that they will become a popular gambling option because of the unforgettable feeling you get when you gamble this way.

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