About Me

Hi there! Welcome to the one page on this website dedicated entirely to me. My name is Denise R. Fitzgerald, and I’m a girl from California.

You might think I hail from L.A. or San Francisco, but that’s not the case (although you’re not that far from the truth). I was born to a blue-collar family in Lake Arrowhead, a small town very close to Los Angeles. My mom was a secretary, and my dad worked in a factory — eventually, they met, and that’s how I came into the world.

Although my dad was a dedicated family man, he had a great passion for gambling. More often than not, he would go to Los Angeles and bring plenty of money back. Being such a curious child, I always wanted to know what he did and how he always got this much money. Considering he was such a generous father, he showed me a lot of card games as I was growing up. So once I turned 21, he began teaching me about all the strategies and rules that would help me win at poker. Today, just like my father, I also enjoy letting off some steam in a casino.

One thing I’ve learned throughout my years of gambling is that security needs to become your priority. I’ve never really gambled in illegal brick-and-mortars, but I’ve encountered rogue casinos online. So I decided to start my own blog to help fellow gamblers recognize these casinos — I want to teach you how to enjoy gambling to its fullest.

On my website, you will find all about fair gambling, rules, and legal strategies that could give you a winning edge. I hope my texts serve their purpose, and I wish you all the best of luck!