How to Make Real Money Online by Slot Machines


To some casino enthusiasts, the idea of employing a strategy while playing online slots for real money in the USA is far-fetched, and rightfully so. They realize immediately that they can’t beat the system in place. Common sense suggests that this would be an uphill battle, so they just decide to have fun while playing. For the time being, they abandon any thought they had about adopting a strategy. And perhaps this would be the best approach to casino games. You just start playing without worrying about your next step.

In contrast, there are those who trust in whatever casino “connoisseurs” spout. They are led to believe that a certain approach will make them millionaires. Only when they start playing do they become aware that a strategy doesn’t help in a game of chance. And, as you might have inferred, no matter what kind of knowledge you have acquired along the way, it won’t come in handy while playing slots. You only need one “little” thing — Lady Luck on your side. Rest assured that, if it is, you might be one step closer to hitting the jackpot.

Yet, even if it appears like that, it’s not all doom and gloom. We’re not here to rain on your parade, dear readers. In other words, we have some good news! There are certain tips and tricks that might increase your chances of winning. Albeit this might not be good enough to some of you, don’t forget that anything that might enhance your odds is worth examining — especially if you’re keen on playing real money slots. Get ready to hear some valuable advice!

Random Number Generator vs. the Average Player

Random Number Generator

A vast number of casinos have placed their trust in a Random Number Generator (RNG). They rely on this system to provide fair play to those enjoying a favorite game from the comfort of their own home. Nothing can exert an impact on it. It doesn’t take into account whether you’ve been winning or losing. And it certainly doesn’t consider the amount of your bet. Quite simply — it’s just doing what it’s designed to do.

What’s more, the RNG literally doesn’t have a moment’s rest — it’s constantly generating new numbers. So, after you press the button, the system positions all of the symbols in front of you. The numbers reflect their positions on the reels. This was what we had in mind when we said that a strategy couldn’t help you here. The outcome is predetermined from the moment you start spinning the reels.

Therefore, it’s not difficult to see why you should disregard anything certain proponents of various strategies have to say. No matter how astute a person is, they cannot go against this kind of system. For this reason, we suggest that you focus on landing a winning combination by exploring some of our tips and tricks. Who knows — you might even win big while playing a progressive jackpot slot.

Let’s dive into our suggestions and prepare you for your next adventure!

Access a Respected Casino

Patience young grasshopper — the online gambling world doesn’t come without its attendant risks. Some casinos are like sirens in that they want to lure you with their enchanting bonuses. And, once they tempt you, they work their magic only to cheat you out of your money. This is when everything unravels and you realize that you shouldn’t have placed your trust in this casino in the first place. If you were to dig deeper, then you would probably find some concealed serious complaints that attest to their rogue behavior.

With this in mind, you should always double check everything before you make your first deposit. A vast number of watchdog portals exist so that they could help you reach your decision. As you’re going to see, they give their best to investigate which real money casino deserves your trust. If they come across a complaint, they will list it on their website which serves its purpose there. Namely, it’s there so that you could see what you might expect if you were to opt for that particular site.

Furthermore, we’re sure that you want your experience to go off without a hitch and to be unforgettable (in the best sense of the word). So, look for those sites which aren’t accused of any payment issues (e.g., slow payouts). Once you start enjoying your favorite slot game, you’ll be safe knowing that the “only” thing that could darken your mood is, in fact, a losing streak.

Check out the Return to Player Percentage

And now on to the next advice. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced or novice player, knowing the following term is a must. It’s something you should keep in mind if you want to boost your prospects and take a step towards victory.

We’re referring to the Return to Player value, of course. It is also known as a payback percentage. And you should remember this term — it’s the only factor that exerts influence on your winning streaks while playing online slots. This rate indicates the percentage of wagered money which will be returned to players. And pay close attention to this fact: casinos reach this value by calculating thousands of spins. So, they don’t consider only one gaming session of a singular player, but they take into account every possible session.

Additionally, some websites make the RTP of a particular online slot game readily available. If you stumble upon the one that does offer this information, then make sure that the RTP is around or above 96%. Bear in mind that, even if a game returns 96% of the bets, it doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get 96% of your wagers.

Does Volatility Have any Bearing on the Outcome?

The most attractive thing about online slots is the fact that you have thousands and thousands of them at your disposal. If your bankroll allows it, you can spend some time enjoying progressive jackpots. In contrast, you can decide to bet as little as a few pennies on a classic slot — the choice is entirely up to you. A number of online slots differ in their paylines, jackpots, and bet sizes. But, most importantly, their payout frequency varies as well. This is known as volatility.

Moreover, the volatility has two types — high and low. And, as you’re going to see first-hand, some casino aficionados believe that you can influence the outcome by selecting one of these two types. To be specific, they chase only the high volatility slots in hopes of striking gold. But they are wrong in their belief — these two forms only impact the size of the payouts and their frequency.

As the name might suggest, a high volatility slot will offer big wins. The only downside is that you’ll get a payout here and there. If you’re a player with a hefty bankroll and you pride yourself in your patience, then this type would suit you to a tee. On the other hand, a low volatility slot has the opposite characteristics. You’ll land a winning combination on a regular basis here. And you’ll enjoy more bonus games. But it comes with a disadvantage — the payout isn’t a substantial one.

Now that we’ve explained what each one of them represents, we ought to shatter one belief. No matter what the others say, playing a high volatility slot constantly doesn’t mean that you’ll beat a specific casino. These two types are only aimed at different types of players — those who want to savor their time on a site and others who are happy if they go through their bankroll fast. Before you start playing online casino games, you should decide which one would go well with you. Once you do, you can start trying to win real money.

The Magic of Bonuses

If nothing else, at least online casinos are generous when it comes to incentives they use to attract players. Most importantly, the majority of deposit bonuses are reserved for slot lovers. For instance, they can get a 200% match bonus which might significantly help them when they spin the reels. Apart from this, some casinos also provide free spins which might trigger special bonus rounds. This, in turn, might bring you one step closer to getting a lot of money. Bear in mind that each offer has certain Terms and Conditions you need to follow. Some players make a mistake and decide not to read them which proves to be a terrible mistake.

In other words, without checking them, they aren’t aware of wagering requirements that they need to fulfill in order to withdraw any winnings. And, instead of taking pleasure in the promotion, they get frustrated because of their minor mistake. So, if you want to avoid any negative emotion, make sure to devote your attention to this crucial section. From there on, apply the bonuses so that you can have a real chance to beat a casino. Incidentally, this might boost your odds of winning the best prize. These offers either increase your balance, which means that you can play longer, or provide an opportunity for you to land winning symbols with a little help of free spins.

Try Your Chances Now!

Now that you’ve equipped yourself with some tricks that might help you prevail, the only thing you need to do is find a top casino. This is perhaps one of the most crucial steps in your quest of defeating a slot machine. Once you do locate it, then you should try out different games in order to see which one suits you — be it a high or low volatility slot.  And why don’t you spice things up with a generous bonus? It won’t do you harm — you might even have a whale of a good time! We suggest that you check out BoVegas offers as they certainly cater to everyone’s taste. So what are you waiting for — start spinning the reels now!

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