How Do Online Slot Machines Work

Online Slot Machine Visual Slot MachineHave you ever really wondered what happens behind the screen while you play online slots? I know that all the lights and different animations are amusing to almost everybody, but what’s really going on in the background? What about the parts of online slot games we don’t get to see? If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t have the patience or the will to go through dozens of websites online just to find out. However, I did have some free time on my hands, and I decided to go on a quest so that I could help others understand how online slot machines work. Who knows, it might just help you win better once you have it all figured out.

It’s All Simple Math

Math is the key to slot machines, both online and in the land-based casinos. Ever since the beginning, slots were based on simple mathematics, and video slots are no different. So when you’re playing on an online slot, the symbols you see are actually simple codes. And they’re that for a reason; some symbols need to appear more often, while others should be rarer. This means that you can count on seeing low-value symbols every single round, while the high-value ones come as a surprise.


Another proof online betting is all about math is the RNG, or the random number generator. This is something all online casinos need to be based on, especially the slots. You’ve probably figured it out by the name itself, the RNG is an algorithm that provides slots with random numbers. This way, the combinations will hardly be the same. The only problem with RNG though is that it can be very predictable. Now, you might not see it, as usually we neither follow nor pay attention to all the combinations while we play, but believe it or not, this is an everlasting battle for the programmers. Luckily for the casinos, it doesn’t mean much, as regular users can’t really follow up on these patterns. To us, the RNG remains a mystery. Either way, the moment you hit that spin button, a few numbers are automatically generated and RNG does it all day, every day. You’d be surprised to find out how random numbers actually look like in the background. Usually, it is always lower than 1, something like 0.1111263593. Perhaps it is for the best you don’t get to see all this on your screen — the reels would be irrelevant.Online gambling Tablet with slots on it

How Do All the Lovely Animations Appear Though?

That is something programmers like to call the interface. An interface is the final result of everything that happens in the background of a slot. It’s what we see on the screen and the controls that we use. Actually, the interface is so important that it turns your keyboard into a slot control board; e.g., when you use space to spin the reels. It also controls all the animations you see, the times they are supposed to appear and all the random animations that appear in the background of the slot. It’s usually that lovely wallpaper that you like and the way it feels so “alive.” Just like RNG scatters symbols in a way, the interface controls all of the animations on the screen. Now, don’t make the same mistake I did when I so firmly believed the interface was only what you see because it also controls the sound. Depending on the slot, or whenever you get a winning combination, the epic, thrilling music you hear in the background is a part of the interface as well.

The Spin Button Is When It All Comes Together

It is really the final result of everything that happens in the background and on the screen. Once you hit that button, all of the science comes together. It is when the game determines how many numbers need to be generated, depending on the reels. Five reels mean five random numbers. Add some more random numbers onto that when you hit jackpots, and there you have it.

Here Are Your Odds of Winning

First and foremost, it is important to know your odds will differ from casino to casino. Online casinos still need to work according to the regulations of their respective countries. And even in the USA alone, each state has a different minimum odds limit. Usually, the lowest minimum is at 75%, while the highest goes up to 97% or even 99%. Although, this doesn’t mean you will have 99% chance to win every time you spin. Your odds will fluctuate from the minimum to the maximum a slot has been set to. This turn, your odds of winning might be 99%, while the other, they might go down to 75%. It’s still a game based on luck after all. So look out for the illegal online casinos that do not follow regulations of any country. The chances of you being scammed are pretty high. Make sure you check where the online casino is based and try to get familiar with minimum odds rate.

This alone can help you win more real money, as you can choose countries with regulations that favor you. If you combine that with the fact online slots have a free spins option, you might just get very lucky. Don’t let gamblers who lost far too many times convince you that being a loyal customer to a casino will turn the odds against you. The algorithms don’t work that way, and even though casinos could find a way to tamper with them, no legitimate, law-abiding casino would dare to even think of it. It is completely against all the regulations and the mistake could cost them a lot; even being shut down.

Congratulations, You’re a Slot Master Now

Now you know almost everything there is to know about slots. Do some research on regulations in your countries of interest as well, and hopefully, you will earn a lot more than you lose. May the odds ever be in your favor.

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